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Welcome to the issue of Fort Worth Free Things, the curated guide to what to do in Fort Worth today. It was unanimously approved by 9-0 with one abstention on September 29, 2017, to welcome you to our Fort Worth version of the "Do's and Don'ts" of weather events in Texas. Welcome to Fortworth's Free Things Issue, a curated guide to What to Do Today in Ft. Do nothing from Dallas, Texas.

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If you love hot summers that inspire lake trips, and cool winters that give you a reason to take off your favorite sweater, then you'll love the weather in Watauga. Summer is hot and humid, winter cold and windy, but all year round it is partly cloudy and the sky is bright blue with only a few clouds in the afternoon and evening.

The windiest day of the year is April 2, the quietest day of the year was August 23, and the hottest day in Watauga in the last 10 years was March 2.

The dew point is expected to be 43 degrees Celsius, followed by a high of 42 degrees Celsius on Friday and a low of 38 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Celsius). On Saturday and Sunday, the runoff will be 41 degrees F (4 degrees B) and 42 degrees C (4 degrees F), respectively. On Monday and Tuesday it will be 42 ° C, with maximum temperatures in the mid-40s and low temperatures to 40 ° C. Northerly winds are brisk.

On Sunday the dew point will be 26 ° C (1 ° C), with maximum temperatures in the mid-40s and low temperatures to 40 ° C. On Monday and Tuesday it will be 48 ° C (9 ° C) with maximum temperatures of 42 ° C and low temperatures of 38 ° C. Southwesterly winds are expected.

On Saturday the dew point will be 44 ° C (9 ° C), with maximum temperatures in the mid-40 and low temperatures to 40 ° C. On Sunday the dew point will be 49 ° C (10 ° C). On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it will also be 47 degrees, with minimum temperatures of 38 degrees on Monday and Tuesday and highs of 42 degrees.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the dew point will be 29 ° C (0 ° C), with maximum temperatures in the mid-40 and low temperatures to 40 ° C. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the dew point will also be 33 ° C (7 ° C), with low temperatures at 38 ° C and maximum temperatures at 42 ° C. Northerly winds are brisk with strong gusts. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning dew points will be 14 degrees and high temperatures of 39 degrees.

Weather forecast for Waco, Texas, through the end of the day on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, for the city of Watauga, TX.

When visiting Texas, you should also check out some of the best things to do throughout the state. Do things in Fort Worth, Texas: The log cabin village sends you and your children right back to the 1800s with a living history museum, and the Fort Worth Botanical Garden is the oldest in Texas and a nice break from nature. The Fortworth Museum of Science and History provides children with a great time and enjoyment to learn, but we are committed to creating a safe environment for all. See and view the latest weather forecast for Watauga, TX, through Tuesday, April 18, 2017, from the National Weather Service.

Do something in Fort Worth, Texas: You'll be surprised at how many outdoor adventures await you in North Texas. There's a float called Altitude H20, a rooftop party at the Texas Museum of Natural History and even a zip line in the city of Dallas.

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